SHOCK!!! Can a bailiff do THAT???

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Wow, what have I gotten myself into?! There’s a knock on my front door, I didn’t think anything of it and I opened it. There was a gentleman standing in front of it that I didn’t know at all. He told me he was a bailiff… oh dear, I seemed to have forgotten something again… I was visibly shocked and it was me very unpleasant, I let him in and quickly found a solution to get rid of the little newt without him wanting to take my things with him. I showed him my sexy skinny body and his cock was growing in his pants, the bulge was very visible… the fact that he then lets me suck his cock was still to be explained, but that he takes my two tight holes apart with his finger and cock It was really awesome šŸ™ I’m so ashamed because I got so extremely horny and wet and had a mega orgasm :O Is he allowed to do something like that?? Would you also take advantage of my situation like that?


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