Borderline – is he allowed to do that?

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Really crazy story…I still can’t believe it. I called my aunt on the phone in the morning because I really needed tools. She told me that my cousin would bring it to me later. I was just getting ready in my underwear, of course, when suddenly my horny cousin appeared in the door. He actually took the key that my aunt had left in case of an emergency and just came in :O That’s not possible in my opinion… but he got a hard cock right away when he saw me… I wouldn’t be Lucia if I did that wouldn’t take advantage of it 😀 First I gave him a hot blowjob and then sat down on my favorite stool 😉 I found the way he tore my little asshole open really hard :O but the craziest part was yet to come… who would have thought that he could get off like that? ? 😀 Just look at it… can I suck your cock cream next time??


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